Sizing  C H A R T S
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1. Measure the thinnest part of your Wrist.

2. Thumb touching little finger, measure widest 
    part of your hand - where bracelet would
    stop before falling off your hand.
1.        2.
What size do you want for your bracelet? 
   Not sure . . . 
   Select your favorite comfortable bracelet, 
   or measure several you wear alot.

Send us all 3 measurements with your Order.

1.  5  7/8"
2.  7  1/4"
3.  6   3/8" (including clasp)
< <   measure your own favorite comfortable bracelets   > >
Necklace Sizing Chart:
1. Wrap a piece of string around the largest part of your 
   finger (this may be the knuckle). Plus the thinner place where you
   will waer the ring.

2. Mark or cut the string at the length which wraps
   around your finger exactly one time.

3. Measure that length of string against a standard ruler.

4. Compare to the closest
   circumference in this chart
   to find your size.
Ring Sizing Chart:
*Pricing is for Base Metals, any use of Precious Metals will be at increased pricing.
• BRACELETS from $25 to $90*
• NECKLACES from $15 to $90*
• EARRINGS from $15 to $50*
• RINGS from $15 to $35*
from where the Clasp (A) meets the Loop (B)
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